The Dryeena

Dryeena Mating

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Dryeena are egg layers, giving birth to 1 hatchling per clutch. Even though dryeena have no distinguishable gender, they do reproduce sexually, with working equipment for both needs. A dryeena hides its male genitalia above its female ones in a reptilian slit; another feature passed down from its heritage. It uses these features to inseminate each other like most other species; however they do follow a religious ritual that regulates breeding.

A dryeena is able to conceive every other month; with a week period after that time. The dryeena may be inseminated by three different fathers, however only one egg will ever survive any birthing ritual. In the time a female dryeena finds a mate, they will engage intercourse, and tie together like a canine, helping the insemination. The dryeena will then build a proper nest an then lay their until birth.

A dryeena stays pregnant for just under a lunar cycle, and then the egg will hatch a few days after laying the clutch. The mother and father of the newborn will feed the child for about three weeks until itís able to feed itself, then the father teaches the child how to hunt. The child will then stay under its parentís protection for about five to eight years before letting it become a functioning member of its tribe.

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