The Dryeena

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What's a dryeena

Dryeena are dragons; they are not half-breeds or do not take after any others.

Dryeena give off the appearance of a bat, due to their long ears and wing structures. Though at the same time they give the resemblance of a hyena, this due to the snout shape and the mane coursing down their back. Dryeena are genderless, both having characteristics some assume with both sexes, which make many call them hermaphrodites. The dryeena have an extremely long life span, covering over three centuries in cases. Though in contrast, they reach maturity after just a few short years.

The dryeena have a maximum height of just above one and a third meters tall, making them comparable to a dwarf dragon; and like a dragon, they are covered in scales, though the scales have a coat of 'pseudofur' covering them, different colors for different races, which are used to trap stray electrons in the air.

The Dryeena's ears, a trademark of this species, are extremely sensitive, able to hear things from an extremely long distance away, even compared to the bat it resembles after. Though, being this sensitive, it's very easy to harm a dryeena by touching its ear, and very easy to stimulate it in the exact opposite manner. Dryeena's ears also milk, a survival trait to protect its young during long flights, as dryeena carry their children on pouches on their wings.

A full grown dryeena's tail reaches two and a half meters in length, making it more than twice the rest of the creature's body. Being the strongest part of their frame, they use this limb primarily as a mode of attacking their prey from the air, able to hunt their prey using their tail as a spear, which has been shown to crush most metals. In contrast, the dryeena's wing span only maxes to about 3 meters, which dwarfs compared to the span of other species. However, with the rapid movement created by these limbs, dryeena can fly an amazing 130 kilometers an hour.

Dryeena, being arctic creatures, are more suited for weather of the colder variety. Dryeena function very well between -10 C to 20 C, though they can sustain up to 35 C without much difficulty. They hunt primarily game active during the frozen months, as they primarily sustain on meat. Dryeena, like serpents, can ingest smaller creatures whole; with their primary source of food being rabbits and weasels. Though unlike serpents, they also possess the ability to shred a larger beast with their bare teeth, making it possible to hunt even if their primary source of food is scarce.

Dryeena possess a degree of intelligence capable to match just below an average human, and a social animal, have adapted a tribalistic society to suit their needs. They possess their own religion; which is shown in the next section of this guide.

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