The Dryeena

Dryeena Clans

How things react

There are only 34 full blooded Dryeena in existence, for the rituals they respect are sacred enough for them to restrict their birthrate. A Dryeena, by their traditions, will only be born once another passes on, though who will carry the eggs is determined by age, each dryeena being charged to carry one child and give another one child in their lifetime.

Dryeena are broken down into four clans, each different by the fur on their chests. The Puri clan (Night Dryeena) has pure black fur, covering their entire form. The Sin clan (Striped Dryeena) has deep grey stripes running down their sides. The Bulo Clan (Blood Dryeena) have red fur and a brown spot on their stomach, and finally the Conta Clan (Feathered Dryeena) are covered in feathers instead of fur, and are usually brown in color. Dryeena call their cubs according to their clan, so they have last names equivalent to that.

Depending on the color of the egg, a dryeena can tell what a new born will look like, thus being able to tell which clan the cub will belong to. However, to keep the numbers low, the dryeena will kill all but one egg before it hatches, that egg belonging to the clan with the fewest members.

All four clan's live together, and all four clans are usually in harmony. They are all still the same species, despite the obvious physical differences, thus letting them be able to interbreed and still have the same results.

Dryeena usually won't leave the clan, but on occasion feel the need to venture. They will return, however, in time for their mating time, almost by instinct alone. Dryeena are able to hear each other's heartbeat, being able to tell when one passes on when the beating stops, to watch the new child be born.

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